Since 140 years Elisenhof

The history of our hospitality

What started more than 140 years ago as a village tavern is today one of the leading independant hotels of the region. In the year 1871, family Kamphausen received the first official concession certificate, the "hostel on the countryside" consisted of a pub and two guestrooms; a small grocery store and a post office nearby made sure that the establishment became a meeting point already back then. That is the Elisenhof to this day. Not least beacuse of its history.

After World War I, the siblings Elisabeth and Jakob Kamphausen took over the business. Both business-minded gastronomers had realised right away: one could expand here. They built a hall for 250 people. This space was thought for social means, for dance events or village festivities, was still a meetinig point and, for a while, even replaced the destroyed church of Hockstein during the war.   

Since Jakob Kamphausen died in war captivity, Elisabeth asked - herself being childless - her nephew Peter Jost sen. for support and turned over the complete responsibility for the company in the beginning of the 1960s. Together with his wife Marianne Peter Jost sen. developed it continuously further. The old house and the hall had to yield to a new complex and 12 new rooms arose, some time later further 20 rooms followed. This was the hour of birth of the hotel "Elisenhof". Named in memoriam Elisabeth Kamphausen. The house once more was a meeting point.

Suddenly Hoteldirector

As Peter Jost sen. had to quit in 1991 for health reasons, he turned the hotel over to his son. Ever since, Peter Jost jr. is passionated hotelier. Having learned all three gastronomic professions (cook, restaurant and hotel management), he leads the company with his visions into a successful future. Peter Jost has responsibly accompanied all rebuilding stages and has strongly established the house not only on the regional market. 
Now again a new phase: together with his wife Nathalie he has big plans for rebuilding, extension and new construction. For this reason it will stay a meeting point!